Dietcoach Study

Does food purchase data help to provide personalised dietary recommendations?

Diet is a modifiable factor in the prevention of cardiovascular diseases. Therefore, nutritional counselling is part of all clinical practice guidelines and programmes for the prevention and rehabilitation of cardiovascular diseases.

Food choices at the supermarket have a critical impact on daily food intake and could be, amongst others, a target for promotion to a healthier lifestyle. With the increasing use of digital payments and loyalty cards, digital receipts of food purchases can serve as a novel s tool to monitor food choices. Based on this data, individualised and adapted targets and product recommendations are generated, which can be used in nutritional counselling and contribute to improving nutritional behaviour.

In this clinical study, the effectiveness and user-friendliness of this e-health application will be investigated in the nutrition counselling of the cardiac rehabilitation programme.

Financial Support

  • Swiss Heart Foundation


  • University of St. Gallen (HSG), Institute of Computen Science, Prof. Simon Mayer
  • Inselspital Bern, Department of Cardiology, Prof. Dr. med. Matthias Wilhelm 

Principal Investigator