PNA - Personalised Nutrition Advisor

Personalised nutritional counselling for people with obesity

Nutritional advice provided by health care professionals is often too general, not sufficiently aligned to individual food behaviour, and therefore difficult to translate into action. To support people to achieve their optimal nutritional and metabolic health status, nutritional counselling needs to be adapted to individual circumstances and linked to personal goals.

The “Personal Nutrition Advisor” (PNA) is an automated model for individual weight prediction and nutritional counselling. Using photos of consumed meals, weight and activity records, the PNA provides personalised recommendations to reach and maintain the individual’s target weight. Before the PNA can be used in nutritional counselling, we want to study its usability in an observational study.

Financial Support

  • Innosuisse


  • Oviva AG: Kai Eberhart (CEO) and Dr. Felix Schirmann (Scientific Director Oviva, Project management)

Principal Investigator