Gabriel Bunselmeyer

Research Associate

Address / contact

Universitätsklinik für Diabetologie,  
Endokrinologie, Ernährungsmedizin
& Metabolismus (UDEM)
Inselspital, Universitätsspital Bern
Freiburgstrasse 15
CH-3010 Bern


Meet Gabriel Bunselmeyer

Gabriel is an accomplished software developer with a bachelor's degree in Computer Science with six years of industry experience specializing in mobile technologies. With contributions towards managing and successfully delivering multiple projects, he joins the team to blend this commercial product perspective with the more dynamic world of research software.

Anything under the mobile and backend umbrellas is of interest. Most importantly, though, are the areas outside the tech: team, project management, organization, and anything related to users and stakeholders. After all, the whole point of writing code and innovating is serving real people. On a personal note, Gabriel splits his time between gaming, climbing, and going to the gym, while always looking forward to exploring some more of Switzerland and the rest of Europe.